Payment and refund policy

Alliance Française de Hobart


•    Student Rates apply to full-time students only (including tertiary students).
•    Concession Rates apply to recipients of government benefits (eg aged pension, unemployment, disability, sole parent benefits), and not to Seniors Card holders or Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders.
•    Early bird rates are payable if fees are paid in advance, or at the first class for the session, or received by EFT or by mail before the second lesson of the session.
•    If a student joins a class part-way through a session, then a pro-rata Early Bird rate is payable for the rest of the session.
•    Pro-rata payment for a session’s fees may be paid if Alliance Française de Hobart is informed at the start of the session that a student will be away for 2 or more weeks (specific dates to be given).
•    When a student enrols for a full session in more than one two hours a week class, that student will be entitled to a 50% discount on the price of the second class, provided all previous accounts have been paid in full the previous session.
•    New students may sit in on one class without payment, to decide if they will join that class.  If they decide to join, payment is required for that class, in addition to the rest of the session. If they decide not to join, then no fee is payable for that class.
•    The Treasurer will attend classes to receive payment for the first class of each session only. If payment is not made at the first class of the session, then payments must be paid by EFT or mailed to PO Box 70, South Hobart, 7004. Teachers cannot accept payment of fees.
•    Payments may be made by cash at the first class of each session only or by EFT, cheque or money order at any time. Alliance Française de Hobart does not accept Credit Card / Debit Card payments.
•    Alliance Française de Hobart reserves the right to refuse admittance to classes if fees have not been paid.


•    Any student who has paid for a session’s classes and withdraws before the start of the session is entitled to a full refund.
•    Any student who pays for a full session, and whose circumstances change (eg change of work roster) is entitled to a pro-rata refund, based on the date Alliance Française de Hobart is notified.
•    If a class is cancelled for a session or part of a session due to lack of numbers, then students may receive a pro-rata refund or may transfer to another class (of the same duration) at a suitable level.
•    If a class is rescheduled due to teacher unavailability, any student who is unable to attend the re-scheduled class is entitled to a pro-rata refund.
•    Any request for a refund must be made in writing to the Treasurer either by email to or by mail to PO Box 70, South Hobart 7004.
•    Any refunds will be paid by cheque (not cash).
•    Overpayments will be refunded by cheque, and not held over to the following session.
•    If a class is cancelled due to teacher unavailability, then pro-rata fees will be automatically refunded.


•    If a class is using a set textbook, students must have their own copy. Set textbooks may be purchase from Alliance Française de Hobart at a discounted price.