President’s & Financial Reports AGM 2024.

Alliance Française de Hobart

President’s report Alliance Française de Hobart for AGM 2024. Pdf available here


2023 saw many new students learning with us and this was most pleasing, for the worldwide Alliance Française organisation was established in 1883 in order to spread the French language and culture. For a small Alliance, which gets no funding from either Canberra or Paris, I think we do quite well in this regard. The Alliance is NOT just a social French club: we must keep teaching or else risk losing our status. I would ask all members to recommend our classes to their friends and acquaintances.

As part of our role spreading the French language, we held a professional Learning morning for French teachers in May, which was organised by committee members, Ans van Heijster and Kelsey Cooper. Teachers came from the Hobart area, the West Coast and the N-W to attend. Every year I fill in a 16 page questionnaire from Paris about our activities and I am glad we can tick yet another box, by encouraging our local teachers.

Our Annual Concours took place again in 2023 at Hobart College in June: it was most gratifying to see the numbers starting to return after the Covid years. Students from Grades 1-12 participated in several sections: Posters, Poetry recitation, Conversation, Reading and Listening comprehensions. The judges are all volunteers and mostly members of our Alliance, so without them the Concours could not proceed. A Prize-Giving Evening was held in early Term Bellerive Primary School. The French Consul presented the Prizes to place getters, but in my view ALL participants were winners.

We arranged for Wi-Fi to be set up here at the Alliance, as all current textbooks use Internet links for Listening comprehensions.

Overseas travel was again on the agenda and committee member Kelsey Cooper had won a scholarship, offered by the French Embassy in Canberra, to study in Nantes. Moreover, in July, she represented our Alliance at the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Alliance in Paris.

I represented the AF Hobart in Brisbane in November for the annual “Réuniondes Alliances FrançaisesenAustralie”. It was basically a talk fest, which no doubt ticked a couple of boxes for the Directeur of the AF Brisbane. I also was invited to Canberra for a Farewell reception for the outgoing French Ambassador, Son Excellence Jean-Pierre Thébault. These trips away are totally self-funded by the persons involved, as the AF Hobart does not have the means to subside any travel.

Social activities 2023:We started 2023 by organising a working bee at the Alliance to tidy up before our first CCC.  We began the year by celebrating “laFête des Rois” at the Alliance House on January 6th, then the next two events were outdoors, while the weather was fine. The Tri-Alliance picnic was held at Longford, where the AF N-W won the coveted “baguette d’or” trophy in the pétanque competition. Our local Alliance had a picnic at Tolosa St. Park on February 18th. After Easter, Kelsey gave us a talk about her time in Nantes,we had a musical soirée and a film evening at the Alliance, then in July we celebrated “La Fête nationale” on July 14th at Mt. Stuart Hall.August and September saw the return of our series “Talks in French”, with guest speakers Louise Laflotte-Parisse and John Chilcott.In October we held a wine-tasting evening, November was a picnic and pétanque event at the “pistes” in Sandy Bay andwe had our usual free cocktail party in December: a “thank you” to members who have supported us throughout the year.


Towards the end of 2023, we sent out a short survey, devised by Rob Blandford, to all members and we were pleased by the number who responded. We are trying hard to implement suggestions put forward as a result of this survey. However, we cannot paint, make improvements to the AF House, as we are renters, not owners and anyway get no money to do such tasks.The committee simply has working bee in January each year to try to prepare the house for our first CCC.

On a negative note: We have been plagued by petty thefts throughout the year. Jams, dishwashing detergent, toilet rolls et al have mysteriously disappeared. Their replacement causes inconvenience, not to mention unwanted expense.

I would like to thank the 2023 committee for all their hard work during the year: suggesting and organising functions, providing food at our functions and generally being great supporters of myself and the Alliance Française de Hobart. In particular, I would like to thank Meri Rowlands, who will not be standing for re-election due to weekend work this year. She has been Vice-President for many years and works quietly behind the scenes. I know I could always rely on her.I would also like to thank Kelsey Cooper for her work on the committee over the last 2 years and has been instrumental in modernising our Facebook page and starting an Instagram account for us. Carolyn Canty is the Editor of our official newsletter and works tirelessly putting together Clin D’Oeil four times a year. She, too deserves many thanks.

I wish the incoming committee much success in 2024 and we look forward to discussing any ideas, suggestions, or concerns with you during our CCC mornings or through emails.


Caroline Jackson OAM

President & Class Coordinator

Alliance Française de Hobart

 February 2024


Financial report Alliance Française de Hobart for AGM 2024. Pdf available here


Alliance Française de Hobart  

Annual General Meeting    –    24th February 2024


January 2023  –  December 2023


Treasurer’s Report

Income and Expenditure Statement

Membership Report


Treasurer’s Report at 31st December 2023


Income and expenditure were both up on 2022 figures.

Despite having a lot of new students bringing in $6,000 above last year, this wasn’t reflected in a large income balance. Nor did the slight increase in teacher fees (due to a larger number of classes) and an extra rent payment (due to the week payment fell) have a drastic result on these financials.

Social functions often had low attendance. We generally boost our funds with these events.

One pleasing outcome was that our insurances for Public Liability and Volunteers remained around  $1,600 for the year. 

Our MyState share holding increased by 47 new shares through the Dividend Reinvestment Plan but fell in value to $2.95 over the year per share. End of 2023 we had a holding balance of 1,371shares.

The overall result for 2023 a was a loss of $2,000 due to expenses being greater than income. The year’s financials were still an increase over 2022. 


I present these financial statements to you with the knowledge that these statements are a true account of the Alliance Française de Hobart Inc’s financial position at the end of 2023.


Membership report

By the end of 2023 we had 120 financial members, which included 2 life and 14 members of the Tableau d’honneur.

Gerald Morford-Waite


Hon Treasurer

Alliance Française de Hobart

24 February 2024

Alliance Française de Hobart

                                         Income and Expenditure statement

                                          For the year ending 31 December 2023


Income                                     2023                                  2022


Book sales                          3,600                                   3,170                                      

Donations                              nil                                          305                                        

French classes                  43,421                                  37,394                                  

Room hire                                nil                                         600                                      

Subscriptions                      3,262                                      3,345                                 

Social Functions                 2,054                                       2,955                                              

Sundry items                          703                                       4,145



Total income                    $53,040                                   $51,914        


Expenses                                                2023                       2022


Advertising and promotion                nil                                       150                               

Administration/ Meetings                  2,932                               4,117                                   

Fees and charges                            1,750                                1,669                                              

Postage & Stationery                          263                                    144                                 

Rent                                                 20,800                              19,389                                                                    

Social Function Expenses                    434                                   573                                

Sundry items                                         nil                                       96                                     

Teaching fees                                   25,599                               22,975                                       

Book purchases                                  3,310                                 3,790


Total Expenditure                           $54,989                               $52,903